What Size Cyclocross Bike Do I Need?

Cyclocross bicycles are designed for all kinds of terrains. When purchasing a CX bike, the correct fit is necessary. A cyclocross bike that doesn’t fit well won’t be comfortable and can trigger back pain and other problems for the biker.

Frame Size Overview for Cyclocross Bikes


How to Measure the Frame Size of a Cyclocross Bicycle?

The frame is the key element of a CX bike. Road bikes as well as the best cyclocross bikes have a much sportier frame geometry as well as a longer seating tube. A CX bike frame is correspondingly higher the ones that other types of bikes have.


Determining Inside Leg Size

To get this measurement, try to stand with feet without any shoes, standing tall with your back standing against a wall. Hold a spirit level (a notebook, for instance) in between the thighs.

Keep the level with two hands (ahead as well as behind the body), lift it up until it’s snug against your groin, in a similar fashion you would be resting on a seat.

The level has to stay horizontal when gauging. The inside leg is the length between the flooring and the upper edge of the degree. To make sure you have one of the most precise results, it is good to ask a good friend to assist with the measuring.

Calculate the Cyclocross Bike Frame Dimension

It is generally not required to gauge the bike frame on your own. Cyclocross bicycles are available with many important details, including of the specific frame dimensions as well. Details are normally additionally featured on the frame somewhere.

In case you possess no info regarding the dimensions of your CX frame structure, the thing you require is a conventional, old-school tape measuring device and also you can check it on your own. The genuine point is, how you wish to determine the bike size, because two measuring criteria exist:

A Center-Center Measuring Standard

A Center-Center (CC) requirement is the length from the middle of the lower brace, where the crankset is affixed to the CX bike, as much as the intersection of the seat tube and the leading tube.

A Center-Top Measuring Standard

A Center-Top (CT) requirement is inspected from the center of the bottom brace, but the higher end point is at the top of the seat tube.

The dimension you will apply relies on which standard is utilized for the cyclocross bike, or more like which of the above relates to the purchased CX bike.


How Should I Calculate the Saddle Height for a Cyclocross Bike?

Position your heel on the bike pedal and drive it backwards to get to the six o’clock setting. Your knee must be entirely right. If your leg is still curved you have to increase the elevation, readjusting in small increments every time, as well as if your heel sheds anchoring with the pedal after that you require to decrease the saddle.

Cyclocross Bike Dimension FAQ

Can You Use 29er Wheels on Cyclocross?

To make use of a 29er wheel on a cyclocross bike you need to adjust the axle spacing as needed. The tires are bigger on a 29er, but the wheel coincides. Most 29ers have 135 mm rear spacing and also disc brakes, indicating the wheels won’t fit under a CX bike and also probably do not even have braking surfaces on the rims.

Shimano XT or CrankBrothers wheelsets are offered with narrow 19mm internal width XC rims.

How Wide are Cyclocross Tires?

The width of a cyclocross tires influences bike speed as well as grip. Cyclo-cross tyres are typically 28-35 mm wide, compared to the 23-28 mm width of road tyres. For UCI sanctioned events the maximum width allowed is 33 mm. At certain neighborhood races, riders can occasionally go bigger than this tire dimension.

How Wide are Cyclocross Wheels?

The majority of CX racers use road rims on their bikes. That cyclocross rim dimension implies an about 19-20 mm outer size for the cyclocross rims, and a 13-14 mm inner width. Classic road rims are 19.5-22.5 mm outer, and 13.8-18 mm inner width. Dimensions might vary depending on the given bike.

Closing Thoughts About How to Measure a Cyclocross Bike

If you’re thinking about getting a brand-new bike, knowing the essential measurements that define your bicycle frame structure is important to make certain that you find a bike that fits you as well as works for the sort of riding that you intend to perform on a regular basis.

Select a cyclocross bike with all the functions as well as correct sizes you are seeking, so you’ll be able to utilize it all year. We comprehend that choosing the ideal bike for your way of living can be difficult, not to mention trying to locate the best dimension bike after a choice has actually been made.

You’ve obtained all the measurements you need to evaluate your frame. Save your numbers somewhere where you don’t forget them though: you don’t intend to have to repeat the whole process from start.