What Pedals to Use for Cyclocross?

You need to choose the proper pedals for cyclocross racing. The distinct demands of cyclocross racing call for tools that will give you a safe yet satisfying riding experience. Among one of the most important components to consider is your pedals.

Several of the very best pedals to use for cyclocross racing are the Shimano SPD M540, the Xpedo CXR CroMo, the Crankbrothers Candy 3, the Crankbrothers Eggbeaters 3, the Race Face Chester, the Speedplay Syzr CroMo, Shimano XTR PD-M9000, Shimano XT PD-M8000, Time ATAC XC 4, and the Bontrager Comp MTB.

Best Cyclocross Pedals Available

Some of the most effective cyclocross pedals are included and also listed below, look into our suggestions:

Shimano SPD M540 Pedals

These SPD Pedals have fluorine coated binding claws allowing simple entry as well as launch, and it has an open binding mechanism to make clipping in easy. These pedals are double sided for simple entrance and also function well. The pedals have resilient chromoly pins with eight milimeter allen wrench mounts. In the common bundle there are Shimano sh51 cleats. The sealed bearings give smooth performance as well as long duration to the pedals.

Crankbrothers Candy 3 Pedals

Crankbrothers Sweet 3 pedals have a pin with forged residue 435 chromo steel in addition to 6061-T6 aluminum body. With a 17-4Ph stainless Wing with 300 Collection they offer a stainless steel springtime product. The pedals weigh 340 g per set and in addition, they include 5 year long warranty. It’s a fantastic pedal for the entry-level clipless pedal customer who intends to attempt cyclocross riding.


Time ATAC XC 4 Pedals

The ATAC System integrates an ultra-light layout with an extraordinary mud and debris clearing up system, thanks to its self-cleaning principle with a simple engagement as well as a grasped step-out. It is the recommended pedals of one of the most exclusive champions. The pedals weigh 147 grams, and they include hollow steel axle, composite body, and stainless-steel stamped dual-arches.

Race Face Chester Pedals

These kinds of pedals have been equipped with brand-new traction treads on their slim, and also a lightweight system to offer added traction to the eight changeable hex grip pins on each side. The hard nylon composite pedal-bodies turn on a completely sealed cro-mo axle with a fully functional bearing, bushing system.

How to Choose Pedals for Cyclocross?

You can be a rookie CX racer aiming to set up your first cyclocross bike or a normal rider seeking the optimal pedals, the following cyclocross pedal overview will help you discover what’s best for you.

The approved opinion is that no special pedals are needed for CX. A person does not really need professional devices for cyclocross racing, just his or her bike. A noteworthy distinction in between cyclocross and other kinds of riding depend on the selection of pedals.

CX racers mostly have a tendency of not using road pedals as well as footwear and would rather apply clipless pedals with shoes that commonly come from the mountain cycling field.

How are the Cyclocross Pedals Different?

Cyclocross pedals are normally those utilized in mountain bikes, since the cleat can fall off from the pedal faster. The cleats and the footwear used in a mountain bike are more complicated to be blocked by the sand, thus offering a much greater resistance. And also remember that in CX, it is feasible to discover circuit parts where one has dismount the bike and also run a couple of meters to cross the obstacle.

Similarly, the bottom section, along with the pedals is placed in an elevated setting due to the rocky terrain that is endured in these cyclocross races, hence stopping us from touching the terrain. Cyclocross is for resilient racers, so you have to prepare yourself for large quantities of muck and dirt, difficult off-road sections, as well as plenty of getting ups and downs from your bike.

You will certainly have the ability to make use of a lot of your road or mountain bike setup in cyclocross. In addition to the bike, you don’t have to buy that much else. If you are just a rookie, it would certainly be suggested to start with flat pedals, however.

Some of the Most Effective Cleat Brands

There are a number of cleats or pedals systems, but the primary products you should check out are Egg Beaters, SPD or Time ATACs. Each of them are all great pedals in terms of top quality. They, in addition, all have their differences. And also, with the proper footwear, they are all suitable for road use.

Generally, these are regarded as mountain bike pedals and also shoes, however they are frequently applied in cyclocross also. There are drawbacks and benefits to using the mentioned kinds of cyclocross pedals.


Characteristics of the Best CX Pedals

Reliable Maneuvrability

Offers a trustworthy attachment to your bicycle to help with power and also steering. Platform pedals are not an alternative.

Easy Mounting and Dismounting

Enable regular dismounting and remounting of the bicycle. This indicates a one sided road biking, and a clipless pedal may not be the best idea.

Shedding Mud

Shedding muck without problems so the rider could manage the difficulties of the circuit.

A number of CX cyclists use clipless pedal systems, similar to one you would certainly discover on a MTB. It supplies a steady connection in between the cyclist as well as the bike and also, while depending upon the design, has a double-sided entry. You may assume you have the appropriate pedals, but muddy problems can quite easily block some pedal systems at the worst moments.

CX Pedals with Cages or CX Pedals without Cages

When it comes to CX races, ordinary double-sided SPD pedals with no cage are your most promising option. Cages have a tendency to clog on off-terrain, and also their sharp edges are prone to injure people. I don’t really like single-sided SPDs in any scenarios.

Do Cyclocross Riders Clip In?

Numerous cyclocross cyclists or racers obtain clipless pedals and shoes from the MTB world as opposed to clipping in their shoes into their pedals. MTB clipless pedals borrowed for cyclocross are dual sided, so it’s simpler to clip-in, and they do not get mucked up by mud that easily.

Tips to Buy the Best Cyclocross Pedals – What to Focus on?

If you are interested in purchasing pedals to practice cyclocross, you need to take into consideration the complying with the following factors:

Mudshedding Feature

They need to be pedals that correctly evacuate the mud to make a quick and very easy clip-in. If the pedals become unclean and do not clip in conveniently, they are not suggested.


Lightweight Pedals

Weight is not the most essential characteristic as the distinction in weight between most CX pedals that we have actually listed above is just 70 grams.


Pedal maintenance will certainly make its sturdiness much longer. From this aspect, Shimano is an excellent option due to the fact that there is no demand for significant maintenance, however Crankbrothers pedals require a little more upkeep.

Pedal Anchoring

The kind of anchoring that the pedal has is additionally crucial. There are pedals that are bothersome for bicyclists with knee issues. For these riders, the most effective alternative is the anchoring system of the Crankbrothers pedals.

Closing Ideas On Which Pedals to Use for Cyclocross

Pedals can be an extremely individual decision as well as what benefit me could not help you, there is no one pedal system that works for everybody – there would certainly be no demand for any selection then.

CX riders will just recognize without a doubt what works for them through experimentation. That said, the above list of pedals, that we have supplied is an outstanding overview to the best options you may wish to think about.