New UK Betting Sites for Cyclocross Betting

What do Sven Nys, Niels Albert, and Kevin Pauwels have in common? They are all cyclocross superstars.

+What is Cyclocross?

This is the question that every sports fan asks whenever they are introduced to cyclocross betting. Cyclocross sounds made up but it is a real sport, and for the most part, it is just a version of cycling.

The only difference is the location. Most cycling races take place on paved roads. Cyclocross is special primarily because it uses non-paved roads. You must force your bicycle through everything from ice to mud and even sand.

The terrain is so much tougher than what ordinary cyclists encounter. You need a deft hand to maneuver ditches and steep inclines. For this reason, the races are not quite as long.

Event planners typically situate cyclocross races on closed circles that are relatively short. This works out well for spectators because they get to see the cyclists more often. According to the rules, each race must last roughly an hour, though that doesn’t apply to the World Cup.

The number of laps that cyclists are required to cover is determined by a jury that uses the lap times notched during the first two laps to make its decision.

For some people, cyclocross is far more exciting than ordinary racing. Event planners are expected to ensure that there are ample obstacles to appropriately challenge the athletes whilst also entertaining the spectators.

Things tend to get messy and riders will change their bikes multiple times over the course of any given event.

+Cyclocross Betting in the UK

If your objective is to test your gambling skills in the cyclocross betting waters, there are quite a few things that you need to understand before you start hunting for New UK Betting sites. The website will help you in this.

First of all, you have to realize that cyclocross is a physically challenging sport. For that reason, there is very little in the way of tactics. In many cases, athletes just want to last for as long as possible.

It isn’t that rare for riders to carry their bikes on their shoulders as they use their legs to overcome certain obstacles. So the strength of each athlete matters a lot. The races are messy, and both bike and athlete normally get quite dirty.

Some racers avoid hopping off their bikes at all costs, so that has to factor into your betting decisions.

When it comes to team events, because cyclocross features a lot of single tracks, it isn’t unheard of for racers to slow down because they want their teammates who are already ahead to gain even more of an advantage.

But that only applies to slower, single track roads. When it comes to faster sections of the race, you have to think about the type of bike and the tires.

It is worth noting that Cyclocross is not a very popular sport. In fact, only Belgium Television Networks care enough to cover it extensively.

For that reason, the number of New UK betting sites that offer Cyclocross betting is quite small. The best among the bunch is probably William Hill. And then there’s 1xBet94. But even those websites are limited in the events they cover.